[dante_page_heading page_heading_width=”65″ page_heading_title_container=”4″ page_heading_title_size=”2″ page_heading_title_letter_spacing=”1″ page_heading_title_font_weight=”600″ page_heading_title=”Rhyolite Design”]Technically, Rhyolite Design still exists. Instead of using that as a business name, I’ve elected to simply use David Pohlmeier. Same work. Same person. Same name…just a different name.[/dante_page_heading]

Where did the name and logo come from?

My grandfather was an artist. As a child, for my birthday one year, he gave me a painting of a Grumman F4F Wildcat, the very plane pictured in the logo. I cherish this painting and it hangs above my desk.

As for the name, rhyolite is a type of rock found all over North America. While hiking in Canada at Lake Superior Provincial Park, I first came across it and was amazed at how it differed so much from the surroundings. You’d be hiking within the same general landscape and then all the sudden around the bend would be a purplish beach that made you feel as if you might be on another planet.[/dante_typed_block]