Northern Seminary

Northern Seminary, located in the Chicago suburbs, is a leading Baptist seminary in the nation. With a storied history that spans over 100 years, I was proud to be a part of their team and help push their communications and design work into a new direction.

While the brand design was already established when I began work, I was able to help modify the brand and help further the design work and establish new parameters for use. My work included helping nearly every aspect of the seminary with an emphasis on marketing and fundraising. I worked on print pieces, digital marketing, launched a new website, photographed events, created several videos, and even helped launched the brand of the Missio Alliance.


While working with Northern Seminary, I partnered in all aspects of the design process from strategy to completion in both print and digital mediums.


Helping to manage and shore up Northern's brand was an important part of the work that I helped accomplish while partnering with Norther Seminary.