Future Ready

April 13, 2017CCSD59, Communication, Video

The team at CCSD59 had the privilege of working on a pair of videos for the U.S. Department of Education shown at the White House.

Warrior Mascot

April 24, 2016Design, Illustration

The mascot for my daughter’s school is fairly creative in it’s execution, but I’ve always thought it wasn’t quite refined enough. For some illustration practice, I redrew the mascot as I think it should look.

Are You Ever Done Implementing a Brand?

March 4, 2016CCSD59, Communication, Design

In 2015, Ben Grey and I had the opportunity to present twice for National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) and represent CCSD59. Our presentation was on school branding and we had the opportunity to share the story of how CCSD59’s brand came to be. After our second presentation, participants were given the opportunity to email us … Read More

In the Style of Charley Harper

February 4, 2016Communication, Design, Illustration

I believe that most designers (or communicators) would identify themselves as being good at a specific style. I’m guessing it allows one the space to present work they are confident in sharing. I certainly feel this way about the work I do. Creativity takes confidence. Being creative takes practice. Creativity is something you practice, not just … Read More

The Value of Creativity in Communications

January 14, 2016CCSD59, Communication

I’m excited about the prospect of working through the second CCSD59 Magazine. Our department has settled on a theme centered around creativity in this issue. We have a collection of great ideas and an awesome story to share about a featured alumni. In order to prepare, I’ve been researching creativity. In my research, I came … Read More

Missio Alliance Logo Design Process

December 17, 2015Communication, Design

The Missio Alliance recently updated their website. While I wasn’t directly involved with the (very good) website re-design, I did design their logo a few years ago. It’s a logo design I’m particularly proud of and thought I’d share the process for how it came to be. It serves as a great example of how … Read More

Lower the Camera Angle

November 29, 2015CCSD59, Photography

Much of the movie E.T. was filmed from a lower camera angle. The concept was to create a movie that appeared to be from a child’s perspective. This would help young viewers identify with the characters and allow adults to relive their childhood through the story. A few still images from the movie quickly demonstrate the … Read More