Only the best
is good enough.

Since 2001, I have provided design services to clients all over the world. With a dedicated focus on strategy, I design specifically for each client and for every project. I believe that careful planning elicits great work. Every project is a new journey. Upon completion, my hope is that each will be described by having these characteristics; timeless, strategic, and refined.

For many years, I’ve consulted with school districts, non-profits, and businesses. For most of that time, I went by the name Rhyolite Design. I don’t use that name much anymore, but I still do the same work. Read my journal to catch a glimpse of the type of work I’ve done and see some of the great clients I’ve partnered with. There, you will see logo design, brand design, print design, web design, and much more.

At CCSD59, I work as the director of communications and design. The district, located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, has 14 schools and approximately 7,000 students. Our department manages the district’s communications and advises the schools on best practices. We had the honor of creating two videos for the U.S. Department of Education that were shown at the White House to President Obama.