[dante_page_heading page_heading_width=”65″ page_heading_title_size=”3″ page_heading_title_font_family=”3″ page_heading_title_letter_spacing=”1″ page_heading_title_font_weight=”600″ page_heading_title=”David Pohlmeier”]Since 2001, I have provided design and communications consulting services to clients all over the world. With a dedicated focus on strategy, I design specifically for each client and for every project. I┬ábelieve that careful planning elicits great work. Every project is a new journey. Upon completion, my hope is that each will be described by having these characteristics; timeless, strategic, and refined.[/dante_page_heading]


I work as the Director of Communications and Design for Community Consolidated School District 59 in Arlington Heights, IL. In this role, I oversee the communications at the district level and at all 15 of the district’s schools.


Mountain biking is a favorite hobby of mine. I’m lucky to serve on the board of directors for the Chicago Area Mountain Bike Riders as the Marketing Director for the North Region.


For just about 15 years I have taken on many consulting projects under the name Rhyolite Design. While I don’t market myself under that name anymore, I still enjoy some extra design work from time to time.

What I do best


Logo Design
Vision and Strategy
Mascot Design
Signage and Print
Collatoral and Support


Custom Web Development
Wordpress Design
Responsive Web Design
Custom Design Integration
3rd Party Integrations


Overall Vision and Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Branding Integration
Audits and Reviews
Guidelines and Standards


Mountain & Road Biking
Photograph Taking & Editing
Video Shooting & Editing
Bird Painting
Family Camping